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Interventional Cardiology Fellows Essentials

Educating our members is central to SCAI's mission. With over 45 hours of content, this robust online course is designed to meet the educational needs of interventional cardiology Fellows-in-Training and Interventional Cardiology Program Directors. Access is provided free to all members of SCAI.

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For Fellows-in-Training
This course will provide a solid foundation and the latest science and practice of Interventional Cardiology. Our goal is a comprehensive online learning opportunity that is aligned to ACGME/ABIM standards and thus the most relevant material for board exam preparation. This didactic material should serve as reinforcement to the hands-on education and guidance of fellowship training.

For Program Directors
SCAI aims to provide assistance to Program Directors through structured resources that provide guidance and direction to your Fellows-in-Training.

See below for a detailed description of the content available in this course.

Fellows Focus 2021
This series of case-based and professional develoment-focused lectures was aired live in May 2021. These virtual activities were in leiu of the Fellows Summit, which will be held again in-person at the SCAI 2022 Scientific Sessions

This course has 3.75 hours of content.

Lessons Learned Post-Fellowship
  • Crazy Busy: How to Work Towards a Work/Life Balance, Kimberly Skelding, MD, FSCAI
  • Complications: Document, Debriefing and Doing the Right Thing, John Messenger, MD, FSCAI 
  • Real-World Malpractice Cases and What You Can Learn From Them, Morton J. Kern, MD, MSCAI
Guide Shape Selection: From Basic to the Challenging! 
  • Sahil A. Parikh, MD, FSCAI and Nadia R. Sutton, MD, FSCAI discuss how to approach the several case and which tools they would choose to treat.  
Complex Case Reviews  
  • Explore complex case reviews with this expert panel: Sahil A. Parikh, MD, FSCAI; Suzanne Baron, MD, FSCAI; and Paul Mahoney, MD, FSCAI. Faculty discuss the new Onyx One indication for one-month DAPT in the high bleeding risk patient as well as Post-TAVR PCI and the importance of hemodynamics.
Examining Differences in Acute MI Shock vs. Advanced Heart Failure Shock 
This session helps you differentiate between acute MI shock and advanced heart failure shock. You will understand why IABP is a good option for this patient population and how the shock team and decision making algorithms play a part in their care.
  • AMI vs. Advanced Heart Failure Cardiogenic Shock, Jordan Hutson, MD 
  • Shock Teams and Decision-Making Algorithms, Jeffrey Marbach, MBBS
  • Why IABP in Heart Failure? Justin Fried, MD
Fellows Interventional Cardiology Course 2019
This was the last in-person Fellows Course from SCAI before the pandemic. It presents the core didactic content for the interventional year. Please plan to join us in Miami for SCAI Fellows 2021

This course has 24.75 hours of content.

Module I. Essential Skills and Competencies 
  • Gearing Up: Tools, Strategies, and Drugs for Optimal Intervention       
  • When the Going Gets Tough: Step-by-Step Approach for the Challenges of Vascular Access       
  • Intravenous Antiplatelet Therapy for Contemporary PCI       
  • Cath Lab Disasters: What to Do When Cases Go Bad       
  • My Worst Complication and Best Save of the Year       
  • Optimizing Outcomes For Challenging Patients - Beyond PCI: Managing Patient Complexity to Enhance Outcomes       
  • The Real World: You're Not in Kansas Anymore       
  • Peri- and Post-Procedural Pharmacotherapy for the Spectrum of Cath Lab Patients
Module II. Coronary
  • Coronary Guide Wires: The Impact of Design On Coronary Guidewire Performance
  • AMI View From Both Sides of the Bed
  • Complex Lesions: How to Treat Left Main, Multivessel, Bifurcation, and CTOs       
  • STEMI and SHOCK: Shock and Awe       
  • Techniques to Deal With Calcification, Nondilatable Lesions, and Tortuosity       
  • Coronary Imaging, Physiology, and Techniques in Complex PCI—Is It Really that Complex? 
Module III. Structural
  • Structural Heart Disease and Intervention, Part I       
  • Structural Heart Disease and Intervention, Part II 
  • TAVR Today: Focus on Safety with the Repositionable LOTUS Edge Valve and SENTINEL Cerebral Protection System       
Module IV. Peripheral
  • Complex Peripheral Vascular Intervention (CPVI), Part I   
  • Complex Peripheral Vascular Intervention (CPVI), Part II 
Module V. Job Search and Contract Negotiation
  • Transitioning from Fellow to Practice: Navigating to the Right Opportunity
Quality Improvement Toolkit
SCAI-QIT is flexible and customizable based on the needs of each facility. Use these practical tools to document your strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and fulfill value-based care requirements. This course was published in 2020 by the SCAI Quality Improvement Committee.

This course has 1.25 hours of content.

  • Defining Quality in the Cath Lab
  • Operator and Staff Requirements
  • Procedural Quality
  • Facility and Environmental Issues
  • Care Coordination with Referring Physicians
SCAI FIRST (Fellows Interventional Regional Shared Training)
View these case-based dicsussion between IC Fellows and Program Directors around common cath lab conundrums. These were recorded Fall 2020 through Spring 2021.

These courses have 8 hours of content. 

  • Complex Decision-Making in STEMI
  • Complications, How to Manage (or Avoid) Potential Disaster!
  • PCI Decisions in Uniquely Challenging Lesions: Calcification, Bifurcations, Dissection, and Others
CLTI Workshop Series for Fellows
This comprehensive fellow- and early career-focused webinar-based workshop, aired winter 2020-2021, is dedicated to promoting a multidisciplinary approach to chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) clinical competencies and practice building in an intimate, collegial setting. This series is designed to provide maximum learning with in-depth education and interactive sessions aimed to give fellows the opportunity to interact extensively with thought-leaders in the treatment of CTLI. 

This course has 8 hours of content. 

Topics include:
  • Complex Iliac
  • Complex Superficial Femoral Artery
  • No Stent Zones
  • Intravascular Imaging
  • Atherectomy
  • Alternate Access
  • Emerging Below Knee Technologies
  • Complication Management
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